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Bec Wilson's approach  to midlife and retirement is different, refreshing and energetic.  Let her walk you into the second half of your life and explain all the opportunities. Sign up for her newsletter, listen to her podcast and register for her next Epic Retirement Flagship Course.

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Learn how to live a longer, better quality life in the second half.

Prime Time with Bec Wilson is an Apple Top 200 podcast! It's the ultimate guide to navigating those juicy, potential filled years in the lead up to retirement. Have a listen...

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Be guided by Australia's #1 best selling retirement book in 2023

How to Have an Epic Retirement was Australia's #1 retirement book in 2023 and the #2 bestselling book by an Australian author in the category of Money and Consumer Issues, behind the Barefoot Investor.

It is filled with practical information, examples and questions covering the six key pillars of great modern retirement: time, financial confidence, health, happiness & fulfilment, travel and your home as you age. 

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Take your understanding of retirement to the next level

The Epic Retirement Flagship Course is a 6 week online education program, run synchronously and hosted by Bec Wilson. (Synchronously means we all do it together at the same time!). It is designed to help you truly grasp and action the lessons surrounding Epic Retirement. 

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Develop your financial confidence

Learn how the systems of retirement work, and how you can leverage them effectively to plan and build a comfortable retirement. 


Find happiness & fulfilment

Prepare yourself before your retirement so you can live a fulfilling second half of life. Learn about happiness, purpose, meaning and pursuits.


Improve your health & wellbeing

Recognise that you can't have an epic retirement if you don't have your health.  So it's important to learn how you can age better using modern health approaches. 


Meet Bec Wilson

Bec Wilson is one of Australia’s authorities on modern retirement. She is the author of the bestselling book, How to have an Epic Retirement, host of the Prime Time podcast and the creator of the pre- and post retirement education business Epic Retirement.

She writes a weekly nationally syndicated column on retirement in The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Brisbane Times and WA Today, each Sunday. And, is developing Australia's most comprehensive retirement education program for funds, corporates and ultimately everyday pre-retirees to enjoy.

Bec is a sought after guest speaker, pre-retirement educator and passionate modern ageing expert. 

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”A happy story. I have a colleague just three months younger than me who has been avoiding the R word for the six years I have known him. He has a large family with grandkids etc. He has been working at the college for 20+ years – is an institution in the place -so all in all it will be an enormous decision.

I gave him a copy of your book in front the half dozen of us who meet for coffee before school and there was much laughter!

On Monday he came into work with a huge grin on his face – the book had started the family conversation. He is now talking about going part time -something we all thought impossible even three months ago

The power of epic! Thank you

John, Gladstone

“When I read your book I pestered my husband to read it so we could discuss it together. Not usually a man easily swayed in his life choices, he has also found your advice and style accessible and important.

I have recommended your book in an evangelistic style that is quite unlike me and I know at least two people have bought it since.  I told a friend yesterday that I haven’t been this excited about my life opportunities since I finished year 12- in fact I am calling this my ‘gap year’ – and it is thanks in a large part to you. I am so grateful that you are sharing your wisdom.”

Liz, Albury

"Absolutely loved this book!! So informative, down to earth, great - with lots of positives. The earlier people read this the better! Don't wait til you're close to retirement as likely you'll want to rethink some parts of your plan. Well done Bec! I read all 350 pages in my holidays"

Sharon, Sydney


“I have your book, and after several chapters into it, I conclude that it's exactly what I've been searching for. It's been a game changer for me. I'm really starting to understand the factors to consider in the lead-up to retirement ... and the more I read, the more confident I become.  Your book is such a treasure,  and released me from the pre-retirement brain-fog.  I love it, and can't wait to leap into the next chapters! "

Georgina, Perth

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