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Create a better midlife and set yourself up for an epic retirement. 

The Prime Time podcast is the ultimate midlifers guide to navigating those juicy, potential filled years in the lead up to and in early retirement. Make these the best years of you life so far. 

Episodes drop every Thursday. 

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Prime Time is the ultimate guide to midlife and the years leading up to retirement.

Hosted by modern ageing expert Bec Wilson, the Prime Time podcast offers no-holds-barred conversations about everything! From finances, travel and health, to seeking happiness and fulfilment beyond full time work. It’s all designed to help you live long, live well and have greater financial confidence in your Prime Time years. 

Throughout this podcast, Bec talks with leaders in all areas that matter in this new and dynamic stage of life -  finance, health, travel and happiness - having honest, juicy and informative conversations that help you to help yourself have a better midlife and beyond.

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What's in the podcast?

After dedicating decades to raising kids and working tirelessly, it's finally time for those in their late 40s, 50s, and 60s to shift the focus back to themselves. Prime Time is not just an age group; it's a mindset, a lifestyle embraced during the pre-retirement and retirement years. It's about extracting the most joy from every moment.

Whether your Prime Time begins in your late forties, fifties, or sixties, the journey can extend well into your seventies. Prime Time, the pre-retirement guide for mid-lifers, is here to empower Australia's pre-retirees with inspiration, information, practical tools, and expert insights to kickstart their epic retirement.

Join us in each episode as we bring in experts to unravel the secrets of living well beyond 50. Our trustworthy, self-empowering advice spans the six key pillars of living well: 

  1. Financial Confidence
  2. Happiness & Fulfillment
  3. Health & Longevity
  4. Travel & Nomadding
  5. Your Home
  6. The Tough Stuff

Prime Time is your go-to resource for navigating this transformative phase, providing the guidance you need to make the most of life's next exciting chapter. Tune in and start planning for a retirement that's nothing short of extraordinary!

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