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Give your customers, staff and members the gift of powerful education

Bec has a very personal way of inspiring people to take their prime time and their retirement more seriously. Whether guest speaking or delivering online education, her energy, storytelling and passion for modern midlife and retirement really cuts through. And her well-formed materials allow for easy-to-understand education delivery. 

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Hi. I'm Bec Wilson

I'm a passionate pre-retirement educator. And I am delighted to have had the honour of speaking and educating at events all over Australia, and internationally. I've also hosted or been a guest at many online masterclasses, lunch-and-learns and forums. 

As a speaker and educator I take every event personally, creating or customising the education, presentation or conversation to your objectives. 

So if you are looking for a speaker for your next event on modern midlife, pre-retirement, or  retirement, you just found her. 

Online pre-retirement  education that can be delivered at scale.

We have prepared a range of modular pre-retirement and retirement education programs, designed to be delivered online at scale by superannuation funds, corporates and financial advisory firms for their clients. 

We draw on the knowledge, experience and personal brand of our founder, Bec Wilson, to present the courses in an engaging and dynamic way, with integrated animations and interactive exercises. 

All of our courses can be tailored into the wider retirement phase member experience being built by individual superannuation funds and advisers, integrating with calculators, tools and user journeys and teaching the consumer how they can use them. 

Our approach is designed to build consumer’s vision of retirement, improve their retirement financial literacy and offer them a well-rounded approach to this stage of life. They also help companies attract, retain or convert customers, as well as work towards the compliance objectives required within the Retirement Income Covenant.

Courses can be developed and customised to suit specific customer segments too. 

Virtual events & Online masterclasses

As a digital entrepreneur, podcast host and expert, Bec has a wildly unique skillset in the creation of virtual events, hosting of online masterclasses and development and delivery of content for live virtual events.

She also has an experienced production team who she can work with to make masterful digital assets. 

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We book guest speaking direct and through a selection of speakers' bureaus.  

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