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Hi, I'm Bec. I'm an expert on midlife and modern retirement.

My approach to midlife and retirement is different.  I hope you find it refreshing and energetic, yet grounded in science, evidence and fact.  Let me walk you into the second half of your life and explain how the systems, science and choices you have now work together to form a terrific midlife and a modern, epic retirement.  

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My mission is simple... to learn about  and share the proven ways you can create a better midlife and a modern, epic retirement.

We're going to have a great time learning together. 


Hi, I'm Bec Wilson.

I'm one of Australia’s leaders on modern pre-retirement, and an expert on modern ageing and midlife. I have spent more than a decade building an interesting breadth of knowledge that spans finance, health, travel, happiness and fulfilment.

I'm the bestselling author of How to Have an Epic Retirement, published in 2023 by Hachette, the host of the Prime Time podcast, produced by 9Podcasts, and the creator of pre-retirement education programs run by businesses and superannuation funds. I write a weekly column for The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Brisbane Times and WA Today. And I do regular segments on ABC radio shows throughout Australia. 

I was the founder and CEO of Starts at 60 for ten years, until 2022 and I'm an expert in communications and marketing. I'm also a mother of three teens and young adults and I'm heading into my own Prime Time years.  

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I write a weekly column in The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, WA Today and Brisbane Times. It reaches hundreds of thousands of Aussies each week. 

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The Prime Time podcast is for everyone in the second half of life. It's often ranked in Apple's top 200 podcasts. 

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How to Have an Epic Retirement is the ultimate retirement guidebook. And, I'm thrilled to say it's a bestseller. 

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Why I do it.

For a long time I've had a fascination with how the world is changing as we are living longer, more productive lives. And the more I dug in, the more I felt that there's just not enough high quality, well-researched, and well-created education to help guide people into modern midlife and the complex world of retirement. 

And, with ten years behind me building a digital community, media and travel business I seemed to have the skills and knowledge to not only educate, but to communicate through a few different online and offline channels - building courses, books, podcasts, articles and newsletters and speaking to audiences. Hopefully, through my work I can make modern midlife and retirement a little easier to understand.

This stage of life is certainly more tricky to understand than ever. And so I get great fulfilment from guiding people through the:

  • complex financial systems;
  • their changing sense of purpose and meaning as families grow and work obligations shift;
  • their hunger to find adventure and experience life at a different pace
  • their health, knowing modern health, nutrition and wellbeing practises are changing to support longer lives.¬†

I love the process of learning and teaching, listening and discussing. So, this seems like the perfect place to spend my midlife. 

"Love your work.
It’s fresh and relevant."

- Rory Curtis

"I am really starting to think and plan for my ‚Äúprime time‚ÄĚ and beyond so am finding your work very interesting."

- Amanda Johnstone

"Your book is such a treasure. It released me from the pre-retirement brain-fog.  I love it, and couldn't wait to leap into the next chapters! "

- Georgina Bourke

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